It is a pioneering, innovative system that recognises Excellence in Healthcare for public and private healthcare organisations that understand quality as part of a culture of continuous improvement.


    QH Accreditation was conceived to satisfy the need for a system that integrates multiple quality components into a single unit of measure.


    For recognising those healthcare organisations who strive to implement a progressive, ongoing quality system and obtain the necessary certification to provide the maximum guarantees on their processes.

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Nuestros avales

General Director of AEC (Spanish Association for Quality)

Quality is never the result of chance, nor of solitary impulses. QH
accreditation promotes best practices in healthcare quality, recognizes
systematic efforts and fosters a true culture of quality in healthcare
organizations for the benefit of people.

President of the Healthcare Quality Association of Madrid

Our role was to collaborate and ensure that all the different factors were reflected, making sure all the regional autonomous communities were represented and monitoring the methodology of the Project, in order to guarantee the system´s scientific validity

Expresident of SECA (Spanish Society of Healthcare Quality)

The kind of recognition that IDIS awards, QH Accreditation, is highly important and reinforces the culture of quality for the participating organizations.

Exvice President of SEDISA (Spanish Society oh Health Managers)

QH Accreditation must awake a bigger interest in public hospitals, and this communication and awareness process will probably be articulated through SEDISA, since it is an initiative that will leave no one indifferent.

Former President of AGP (Patients´ General Alliance)

I welcome this initiative, specially talking about patients, to whom this accreditation is targeted, and that recognizes the excellence in healthcare quality.

President of IDIS (Institute for the Development and Integration of Healthcare)

QH Accreditation is the only transversal indicator that applies to all
types of centers, whether public or private, because it tabulates all
the certifications that exist and gives them a value. It is a guarantee
of the centers for the improvement in quality and patient safety.

Ex-President of IDIS (Institute for the Development and Integration of Healthcare)

Quality is based on the health sector as a fundamental element and is a backbone of the health system as a whole, since it provides the number of parameters necessary for a continuous improvement of procedures and processes. That is why IDIS wants to contribute with quality, recognizing the excellence of all organizations in the health sector that make an effort to improve their processes.

Excellence in Healthcare Quality benefits all of us. Help us to promote QH Accreditation to achieve excellent Healthcare providers.

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